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Orthodontic treatment includes diagnosing and treating irregular tooth alignment and indiscretion in the jaw area. Irregular or crowded teeth result in an improper bite (malocclusion). Orthodontics also treats and controls various aspects of facial growth and the shape and growth of the jaw. An orthodontic professional is called an Orthodontist. An Orthodontist helps to improve the health of gums and teeth and prevent excessive wear of the teeth.

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Some children develop irregular jaws and teeth. Malocclusion refers to curved, misaligned teeth and a fault in between the bottom and top set of dental arches. This abnormality can be caused by injury to the teeth or facial bones, regular thumb sucking or due to an unknown reason. Severe malocclusion affects eating, verbal communication and oral hyegine.

An orthodontist diagnoses and finds solutions for various oral conditions such as:

• Protruded front teeth: treating this condition improves the aesthetic appearance of the patient and protects teeth from damage by removing the gaps between the teeth.
• Crowded teeth: improper jaw development resulting in the narrow jaw,then the jaw may not have space for all the teeth causing teeth crowding. The orthodontist helps by removing one or more teeth to make space for others teeth and brings them into proper alignment.
• Impacted teeth – this condition occurs when the tooth does not come out from the gum fully or only surface partially.
• Asymmetrical teeth – the upper and lower dental arches do not match or appear symmetrical when the mouth is closed
• Deep bite (overbite) - when the teeth are compressed, the teeth in the upper jaw come down over the lower teeth.
• Reverse bite - when the upper and the lower teeth brought into contact,the upper jaw teeth bite inside the lower teeth.
• Open bite - when the teeth are compressed, there is an opening or space between the upper and lower teeth.
• Underbite – also called as bulldog appearance, in which the upper teeth are projected far back, or the lower teeth are projected too far forward.
• Crossbite - one of the upper teeth projects slightly in,from of the lower teeth when the teeth are compressed and appear near to the cheek or tongue
• Spacing - gaps or spaces between the teeth.
An orthodontist analyses the condition of the teeth and follows diagnostic procedures including collecting the previous medical and dental health records, clinical examination and X-rays of the teeth and jaw. On completing the assessment the treatment plans are decided and customized as per client requirement.

Here we are listing an overview of some of the most common orthodontic treatments:

• Fixed orthodontic braces – A dental base crafted from metal or ceramic, is affixed to the tooth using a Composite. This gradually aligns the teeth into a proper coalition by adjusting the wire. When proper alignment is achieved, the fixed dental braces are removed.
• Removable appliances – removable appliances include headgear, Hawley retainers and face masks.
• Invisalign –These are metal free braces and a invisible and convenient solution to correct your teeth. These are the latest advancement in orthodontics and are a removable type of dental aligners that are transparent, these are especially suitable for people living overseas, students who cannot come for periodic tightening and checkups and also professionals who dont want the braces to be seen. What more, these trays made of proprietary smart track material which align the teeth are delived to your door step, no matter where you reside.

Benefits of Aligners:
- Controlled tooth movements.
-Virtually invisible.
-They are removable.
-Painless procedure.

LBR dental and implant center, is one of the leading Dental Implant clinics and performs orthodontics treatment at affordable rates by a team of well-experienced and qualified orthodontists. To know your chances for orthodontic treatments, book an appointment now.

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