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Periodontic treatment refers to diagnosing and treating issues and conditions of the gum tissues and jawline that supports the teeth. All inflammatory diseases that damage the gums and other sustaining structures around the teeth are diagnosed and treated by a Periodontist. At LBR dental and implant center, hyderabad we have qualified and experienced Periodontist, specialised in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and in the placement of dental implants. They are experts in the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating gum disease and also well trained in cosmetic periodontal procedures. 

Periodontic treatment in hyderabad

The periodontist is skilled to diagnose and find solutions for mild to advanced gum diseases by treating the bacterial infection, providing periodontal treatment and provide instructions on good oral hygiene and the effectual cleaning of the teeth.

A periodontist diagnoses and finds solutions for various oral conditions such as:

• Gingivitis – Gingivitis is referred to as the mild inflammation of the gums.
• Mild/moderate periodontitis – When the sockets between the teeth and the tissues are measured between 4-6mm, then the condition is referred as moderate periodontitis.
• Advanced periodontitis – When the sockets between the teeth and the tissues have a depth, more than 6mm can result in bone loss and shift or loss of teeth.

Here we are listing an overview of some of the most common periodontic treatments:

The periodontist performs treatment to stop the succession of gum disease, replace missing teeth and improve the aesthetics.

Here are some of the treatments commonly performed by a periodontist:

• Implant placement – When single or multiple teeth are missing; the periodontist inserts Dental Implants to craft a natural-looking replacement by anchoring a dental implant to the jawbone.
• Osteoplasty (hard tissue recontouring) – recontouring is a technique to reconstruct the hard tissues to improve the appearance.
• Gingivoplasty (soft tissue recontouring) – As gums retreat due to gum diseases, the teeth appear longer. This condition is rectified by removing tissues or straightening the gum line to provide an even look.
• Bone grafting – sufficient, quality jaw bone is required for the tooth to remain firm and healthy, but due to bad maintenance or several health issues, the bone will start to recede then, in the initial stages of periodontal or gum problems, Bone Grafting can be done to protect the teeth from further loosening.
• Deep pocket cleanings – severe gum diseases make it difficult to clean the soft tissue pockets and teeth. The periodontist levels and root plans the teeth to remove debris and infection from the soft pockets between the teeth.
• Crown lengthening – to expose more of the natural tooth, removes some of the surrounding gingival tissues.

At LBR Dental and Implant Center, we possess highly skilled dental health professionals who diagnose and create customized periodontic treatment plans for infected or inflamed gums occurring in soft tissue and bone in the oral cavity. LBR dental and implant center, is one of the leading dental implant clinics and performs the periodontal treatment at affordable rates by a team of well-experienced and qualified periodontists. To know your chances for periodontal treatments, book an appointment now.

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