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Composite Resins or Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite resins or tooth-colored fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass that is used to restore decayed teeth. Composite resins provide durability and confrontation to tooth in small size to mid-size fillings that need to endure constant pressure from chewing. They can be used on front or back teeth and are an excellent choice for people who prefer having natural looking teeth. The decayed part is removed using special drills and the chipped part of the tooth is reshaped using composite filling material in a shade similar to other teeth. Composite filling is used for cosmetic perfection by changing the color of the decayed teeth or reshaping flawed teeth. LBR Dental Implant center, India follows advanced technology with most modern laboratory facilities and with a team of proficient dentists having years of experience and follow standard treatment protocols to perform composite fillings.

Composite resins in India

Composite resins or fillings are also required in case of,
• Chipped teeth
• Closing gap between two teeth
• Cracked teeth
• Decayed teeth
• Worn out teeth

How is a composite or tooth colored filling performed?

The dentist initiates the composite filling procedure by drilling out the cavity area to remove the decayed tooth part, We also have the option for using laser or air abrasion methods to remove the decayed tooth instead of drill, different methods are used depending on the size of the decayed cavity. The composite filling can be performed in a direct or indirect method.
• If the dentist follows a direct method, then the cavity is filled and shaped with composite resin and uses an acid gel and hardens it with blue light to hold the composite in position.
• If the dentist performs indirect filling, then an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory to make the composite filling. On the second appointment, the composite filling set with the cement is bond to the tooth to hold it together. After filling the composite, the Dentist polishes the teeth and the composite to prevent staining.

Tooth Colored Fillings in hyderabad

Advantages of composites

• Aesthetics or appearance is the main advantage of using composite resins or tooth colored fillings. This allows the dentists to blend different shades to create a color almost identical to that of the actual tooth of the patient.
• Composites bond to the tooth to hold up the remaining tooth structure and help to avoid breakage and protect the tooth.
• Composites are a mixture of plastic and glass and therefore is a poor thermal conductor so that it remains unaffected by extreme temperature variations.
• Composite fillings can be cured or hardened and bond faster with immediate results.
• Composite fillings can be easily repaired if any defects occur in the dental composite restoration.

LBR Dental and implant center, Hyderabad is one of the leading dental implant clinics and performs various dental and implants services at affordable rates by a team of well-experienced and qualified dental surgeons. To know more about Composite Filling Cost and treatment, book an appointment now.


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