As the price of Dental treatments in developed countries like U.S, Canada and other European Countries continue to ascent, Many of its residents are on a look out for a one stop destination where they can obtain quality dental care at affordable prices.

Dental tourism mentions to persons touring to alternative countries to access dental treatments and, is usually for dental implants. Circumstances that have led to the expansion of Dental tourism is the huge expenditure of dental care, Long waiting time, improved connectivity, Cost effective international travels and high quality level Dental care at reasonable prices at other places. It is also a preferred choice as most of the major dental treatments like the Dental Implants are not covered  by  insurance providers in their native countries.

India is one of the hot favorites for dental tourism as it  provides latest Dental care services with upgraded technology and Sterilization protocol, on par with developed countries. People visit India not only for its low cost Dental care but also to appreciate its  rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty.

The low pricing of treatments here in India is because of  moderate real estate cost, cheap labor, low education expenditure, minimal government interference, low indemnity cost when compared to other countries and  the cost,will also be analogous to the economic status of the country.

A lot of debate about dental tourism was focused on the issue, apart from pricing and quality was whether, the huge procedures like full mouth reconstruction can be concluded in a comparatively short holiday period but, the onset of the concept permanent teeth in 3 days , patients don’t have to anymore worry about the time period, because of this dental implants in India is the most preferred treatment of choice for overseas patients as a Single visit of about a week days is enough for the entire dental implants low cost treatment.

Hyderabad, founded by Qutb Shah Sultan of Golconda is, the capital city of Telangana  a south Indian state, established in 1591, boasts of a rich cultural heritage and at the same time is known for its I.T sector, Microsoft and Google have their Indian head quarters located here. Hyderabad has also emerged as a cosmopolition industrial service center. It has direct Air connectivity with Major cities of U.S, Europe, Middle east and South east Asia.

L.B.R Dental and Implant center located in Hyderabad is a single stop terminus for complete span of dental treatments specially, Dental Implants. We are known for  our signature treatment  permanent teeth in 3 days without bone grafting dental. We also avoid agonizing procedures like nerve repositioning and provide sinus lift alternative.

After assessing the case, our specialists at L.B.R Dental and Implant Center will suggest a suitable implantation technique making sure that the standard of Patients life is improved at the earliest and at the same time contributing to long lasting results. It can be either by using Basal implants also known as AFFORDABLE DENTAL IMPLANTS because of their design, where the implant and the abutment are incorporated into a single unit thereby decreasing the overall price of the treatment. The unique feature of these implants is IMMEDIATE  IMPLANT PLACEMENT and are therefore also called as same day dental implants and they come with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY.

The other concept being the all on 4 dental implants, which proposes the use of four  Two piece dental implants in each jaw for full mouth reconstruction as, all the missing teeth do not require a dental implant each. These implants provide a long lasting foundation for a new set of fixed teeth. These permanent teeth implants, help in immediate loading of teeth, helping the person to masticate properly from the third day of the Implant placement. This concept helps reduce full mouth implant cost as only 4 implants are required in each of the arches.

L.B.R Dental and Implants Center, Hyderabad, India, is the prefered haven, for people seeking Dental implant treatment at competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the treatment. It is quite normal to be apprehensive to go to an unknown terrain  for dental treatments, but believe us, we are known for our hospitality. Right from the pick up from the Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Hyderabad, to dropping you back at the airport after the treatment, you will be our esteemed Guest and we will take care of all the transfers,including the CT scan and the local transfers from your hotel to the implant center.So without any hesitation, you can go ahead with your Dental tourism plans.