Tooth loss is a very terrible experience and may effect a person psychologically, the lost teeth have to be replaced at the earliest as, partial loss of teeth will lead to collapse of the entire arch and disturb the chewing pattern,and complete loss of teeth will lead to morbidity and loss of confidence. Teeth play an important role in a persons life as, teeth are the gateway to overall well being.

Following are the few affects of missing teeth:

  • Missing teeth can alter the speech pattern.
  • Can modify the way you chew you food which will lead to Temporo mandibular joint problems.
  • Partially missing teeth will lead to drift of the adjacent teeth towards the vacant space and also supra eruption of the teeth in the opposing arch.
  • Teeth loss will also lead to bone resorption which will give an aged appearance to the subject.

There are many methods of teeth replacement like

  • Removable dentures –  These are the most economical way to replace partial or complete set of teeth, most affordable choice of  removable, Full Mouth Reconstruction, but have many drawbacks like, they usually move and slip around while chewing and speaking causing a lot of discomfort and also give a fake appearance,  removable Permanent Dentures Cost is very reasonable, but they cannot in anyway avert bone loss resulting in a gradual deteriorated facial appearance.
  • Fixed Bridges – Initially fixed bridges were the only choice for rehabilitating lost teeth, These are alternatives to dental implants but, in this concept the sound teeth sitting next to the missing slot have to be adjusted circumferentially where in they lose the entire enamel to support a bridge. This type of rehabilitation can have a lower up front price to start with but, the bridges have to be replaced periodically making them an overpriced treatment when compared to, permanent teeth implants.
  • The third and the latest option is implantation, an Implant is a titanium post used to replace missing teeth permanently while functioning as the missing tooth root. This is the best invention technology can gift to mankind in the field of dentistry to replace missing teeth. Implants last a long time when properly placed, and this is the result of the major changes taking place in the field of teeth restoration in the past 2-3 decades.

Cost of the implant procedure varies depending on:

  • Type of Implants used,full mouth reconstruction can be done by either using Two piece implants or Basal implants.
  • Treatment plan: Varies from person to person and will be customized depending on the quality of bone present.
  • Number of implants placed: permanent teeth in 3 days, is possible with all on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants( Two piece Implants) and 6 to 8 implants in each of the arches ( Basal implants).
  • Position of the missing teeth: If 2 to 3 adjacent   teeth are missing then, Implant supported bridge is possible and if not then, each missing tooth requires a separate implant which increases the cost factor.
  • Quality of the bone present: plays a major role in immediate implant placement, as sometimes bone grafting dental,is required in two piece implants and zygomtic or BOI Implants might be required in Single piece, which play a major deciding role in full mouth implant cost.
  • Expertise of the implantologist.
  • Type of prosthesis used: Less number of implants are used for upper denture implants and lower denture implants, there by cutting down the permanent dentures cost. When the selected prosthesis is fixed bridges on Implants, Zirconia requires more number of implants,as long span bridges are not advisable when zirconia is used.
  • Geographical region –  The exchange rate and the standard of living of a particular place plays a major role in the cost of full mouth dental implants, that is the reason why Dental Tourism is in demand now. Off late people are traveling to other countries to get dental treatment at an affordable price and taking a holiday to relish the local scenic beauty at the equal time.

Dental Implants are an asset you will love and we at LBR Dental and Implant Center are specialized to do all types of Dental implant treatments at an affordable price. After initial evaluation and routine diagnostic procedures we will suggest you an appropriate treatment plan for a capable, secure and a perinneal solution of fixed replacement on implants, Which function and feel like native teeth as, proper rehabilitation is the key to a confident life.