Dental Bone Graft or Tooth Grafting Procedure are performed to restore the bone after tooth loss, to stabilise a mobile tooth caused due to gum diseases or trauma. It is also executed to maintain the structure of bone after tooth extraction process. Restoring and maintaining bone structure is vital for numerous reasons including conventional two piece dental implant placement. The quality and quantity of jaw bone have to be sufficient even after the loss of teeth for the proper fixature of conventional Dental Implants.

Dental Bone Graft in India

The dental bone or tooth grafting procedure position a framework of grafting materials in the area of the missing or a mobile tooth. Over time the bone grafting material is remodelled into a functional bone.
The materials used for dental bone or tooth grafting procedures are acquired from various sources and are discussed below:

• Autologous bone: Autologous bone is taken from the patient’s own body, like chin, pterygoid area or the iliac crest and used to fill in the bone grafting process. This method is considered to be the best source for bone grafts as the cells are obtained from the patient’s own body and carry no risk of developing infections or transmission of diseases, but the main problem associated with this is, multiple injections and trauma at the donar site.
• Allograft bone: Allograft bone is sourced from donors and is processed to guarantee safety and possess the characteristics that match with the patient. They are easily available and eliminate the requirement of the second surgical site when compared to Autologous bone and are clinically proven with high record of safety but is a little expensive.
• Xenograft: Xenograft bone material is obtained from animal source usually a cow.
• Alloplast: Alloplast bones are synthetic man made bone graft materials.

Dental Bone or Tooth Grafting Procedure

Dental bone grafting procedure is performed under local anesthetic to numb the location involved in the process. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a small incision is made in the gum to expose the bone beneath the gum tissues. Then the bone grafting material is added to space, the grafting material used is processed to act as a scaffold for the deposition of new bone cells in the area. This grafting material is then absorbed by the body and restored as a new bone in the conserned area.

tooth grafting procedure in hyderabad

Dental bone grafting process is safe and completed successfully for hundreds of patients at LBR dental and implant center, we routinely use bone grafts in patients suffering from periodontal problems where, there is mobility with the tooth because of bone loss but can be conserved by doing bone grafting. Bone grafting is not required for implantation procedure as we do single piece Immediate Loading Basal Implants which are anchored in the basal bone which is present in everybody irrespective of age, gender or severity of infection, we also make use of non surgical approaches like nerve bypass, Pterygoid Implants to avoid bone grafting which prolong the treatment time and also burden the patient with extra expenditure.

The bone grafting process involves building up the gum tissues or adding bone to the jaw line from patients own tissue or from donor site. If both these sources are unavailable, synthetic bone grafting materials are used to build the jaw bone. The dentists discuss the various options available for bone grafting procedure available at LBR dental and implant center and the patient can choose from the options on the dental bone grafting method. We ensure that the patients are satisfied at the treatment options that are available at our center. To know more about dental bone graft cost and treatment, book an appointment now.