For the successful placement of Conventional two piece dental implants there should be enough quantity of quality jaw bone in the location. The upper jaw bone is the most difficult part for the placement of Dental Implants. The deficiency of quality jaw bone in the upper jaw can be corrected using the sinus lift surgery or sinus bypass surgery. At LBR dental and implant center, our expert team of Dentists and dental surgeons perform the sinus lift procedure with precision and accuracy when placing Conventional two piece implants, This enables the insertion of dental implants in the upper jaw bone without any intricacy.

Sinus Lift Surgery In India

The sinus bypass or sinus lift surgery is a Bone Grafting procedure by raising the sinus floor and mounting the jaw bone for the placement of dental implants. There are several techniques available for raising the sinus floor to allow the development of new bone in the location. At LBR dental and implant center, our dental surgeons follow a unique sinus lift surgery for the development of new bone with minimally invasive method. There are several reasons that cause the insufficient amount of jaw bone in the upper jaw. It can be due to damage to the bone due to previous surgery or due to periodontal diseases, failed implants or even if you dont get your teeth replaced immediately after removal then, the sinus tends to droop down, leading to bone loss in the area.

Sinus Lift Procedure

If the size and shape of maxillary sinus are comparatively larger than to the size of the upper jaw, this can result in less bone thickness for inserting a dental implant. The sinus lifting procedure is carried out by performing following steps:

• The dentist initiates the procedure by making an incision in the gum tissue in the upper jaw region near to the cheek.
• The gum tissues are then flapped back to expose the surface of the jawbone.
• A cut is made in the exposed jaw bone in such a way that they act as a trap door. This section is then moved into the sinus cavity.
• The movement of the jawbone along with the sinus membrane lifts the sinus floor to higher level
• The space underneath the lifted sinus floor is then filled with bone grafting material.
• A new bone space is created in which the dental implant can be inserted.
• After filling the bone grafting material in the space, the gum tissue flap is stitched back into position.

The dental implants can be placed during the sinus lift procedure or in some cases the dentist allows a healing period for the jaw bone. The healing period may range from 6 to 9 months. After the specific time period, the dental implants are inserted into the new bone grafted by the sinus lifting process.

sinus lift procedure

The bone grafting material used for filling the space in the jaw bone can be patients own bone, taken from another location, frozen bone or synthetically derived grafting material.

At LBR dental and implant center, the sinus lifts or sinus bypass procedure is performed at an affordable cost and is performed by well trained dentists and is only required for conventional two piece implants and not for Single piece basal implants as we make use of Pterygoid bone in cases where, the sinus is enlarged or drooping down as, Pterygoid Implants are more reliable and also help patients to get full set of upper teeth without any cantilevers. To know more about sinus lift treatment or sinus lift cost, book an appointment now.