Full Arch Lower Jaw Implants or Full Lower Teeth Replacement

If you have lost all your teeth in the mandible or the lower jaw then, an Implant sustained fixed denture or a bridge is the treatment of choice as they mimic the natural teeth and preserve the bone, thereby maintaining the natural contours of the face.

Removable dentures are an outdated and old fashioned way to replace natural teeth as, they might move, slip and fall during chewing and speaking, this specially stands true with the lower denture as the lower jaw is horse shoe shaped to accommodate the tongue, resulting in lesser retention when compared to the upper denture.

Even though implants come with a bigger price tag, there are numerous benefits associated with it which weighs down the expenses.

We at LBR dental and implant center, have special protocols to help people regain their lost confidence and comfort and makeover people from having no teeth to a fixed set teeth on lower jaw dental implants. In this procedure the damaged teeth in the lower jaw line are removed, dental implants are inserted  and a fixed bridge is placed on top of the dental implants. All these procedures are conducted under sedation and in a single session. Patients remain relaxed and are stress free and with no pain or swelling during the procedure. Our dental surgeons allocate treatment protocols for a fast and complete treatment with less discomfort and 100% success rate.

At LBR dental and implant center, we process a treatment plan for various stages of the treatment procedure and the patient will be taken through all phases of the treatment. We provide 3D imaging, model set up and detailed blueprintbefore proceeding with any treatment. we have hi tech laboratory facilities and manufacture permanent teetht in 3 days with custom specification as per the patient requirement. The method does not require any “bone grafting dental”  or nerve re positioning and is minimally invasive with less pain when compared to the traditional methods.

Full Arch Lower Jaw implants

Treatment Options for full arch lower jaw implants

  • Before the procedure, dental surgeon conducts a thorough assessment of the oral health and the lower jaw line and summarizes a treatment plan to review with the patient.

Depending on the type of implant used Basal implants:

  • Installing the implants: The first step in the treatment plan is creating new roots by installing the affordable dental implants. For full  lower jaw replacement, 6 to 8 dental implants are placed in the lower jaw bone. The procedure is initiated by a local anesthetic and the dental surgeon uses special drills to create holes in the lower jaw line and inserts the dental implants. Temporary teeth are attached to full lower jaw dental implants, which enables you to eat as, they function like normal teeth.
  • The Dentist takes impressions of the lower jaw bone and creates  customized permanent teeth in 3 days and the permanent bridge is secured on the dental implants.This concept reduces the full lower dental implant cost as the implant body is a single entity,thereby reducing the overall manufacturing cost,that is the reason why these implants are also known as cheapest dental implants or affordable dental implants.The dental implants will improve the stability and withhold the permanent set of teeth in position with lifetime warranty.

Two piece implants:

All on 4 dental implants,This procedure utilizes only four, Two piece implants to secure a fixed lower denture, The four implants are placed anterior to the mental foramen , the distal two implants are placed at an angulation of upto 45 degrees for better  anchorage and stability and to evade anatomical limitations like the Mandibular nerve and also eliminates the use of ” bone grafting dental” and complicated nerve re- positioning technique.


  1. Type of the implants i.e Basal implants or the Two piece implants.
  2. Number of implants used- All on 4 dental implants, All on six dental implants( two piece implants) or 6 to 8 implants when basal implants are used as lower jaw dental implants, depending on the prosthesis, zirconia bridge requires more number of implants as long span bridges are not recommended in this.
  3. Geographical location-This plays an important role as, dental treatments are reasonable in the developing countries when compared to developed countries like USA , Canada and other European countries owing to the low cost of living and the Currency exchange rate, encouraging people to favor Dental tourism where, a person requiring Dental treatment travels to other countries to get the treatment done at an affordable price and at the same time cherishes the vacation by visiting local places of importance.
  4. Expertise of the treating doctor.

With the advancement of dental implant technology, it is possible to reinstate lower jaw dental implants or even full mouth dental implants and a fixed bridge in three days, producing results that are permanent and aesthetically satisfying. At LBR dental and implant center, we emphasize on quality and excellence in services by a team of well-experienced and qualified dental surgeons at affordable rates. To know more about lower jaw dental implants or full lower dental implants cost, book an appointment now.