Full Arch Upper Jaw Implants or Full Upper Teeth Replacement 

Missing teeth, if not replaced can cause severe problems over a period of time, initial ones being difficulty in chewing and speaking,if the loss is partial it will also lead to drifting of adjacent and the opposing teeth resulting in bite collapse and joint problems.

When all teeth in the upper jaw are missing or in a condition that needs to be replaced, a full arch fixed bridge secured to upper jaw is the best stable solution. At LBR dental and implant center, we have special protocols to makeover people from having no teeth to permanent teeth in 3 days as our dental surgeon allocates treatment protocols for a fast and complete treatment with little discomfort and 100% success rate.

In the full arch upper teeth replacement procedure, we remove the failing teeth, insert the dental implants and assemble a fixed bridge onto the dental implants. All these procedures are conducted under pain free sedation and in a single session. Patients remain relaxed and  stress free with no discomfort or pain during the procedure.Our specialists at the implant center, process a treatment plan for various stages of the treatment procedure and the patient will be explained about all the phases of the treatment plan. We provide 3D imaging, model set up and detailed blueprint, before proceeding with any treatment. At LBR dental and implant center, we have hi tech laboratory facilities and manufacture permanent teeth with custom specification as per the patient requirement. The method does not require any “bone grafting dental” and provide sinus lift alternative, which  is minimally invasive without any upper dental implant complications as we use pterygoid implants which help patients regain full set of teeth without any cantilevers.

before Full Arch Upper Dental Implantsbefore Full Arch Upper Dental Implants
after Full Arch Upper Dental Implantsafter Full Arch Upper Dental Implants

Treatment Options for full arch upper jaw implants

Before the procedure, Our specialist will conduct a thorough assessment of the oral health and the upper jaw line and summarizes a treatment plan to review with the patient.


  • Installing the implants: The first step in the treatment plan is creating new roots by installing dental implants. For full arch upper jaw replacement, 8 to 10 affordable dental implants are placed in the upper jaw bone. The procedure is initiated by a local anesthetic and the dental surgeon uses special drills to create holes in the upper jaw line and inserts the dental implants. Temporary teeth are placed on the dental implants to avoid discomfort, The dentist makes impressions of the upper jaw bone and creates a customised permanent set of artificial teeth. After 3 days the patient is asked to revisit the center for the final fixture of permanent teeth. By this time the permanent set of teeth is manufactured at our laboratory using best quality ceramic or zirconia as per patients requirement.
  • Attaching the bridge on the dental implant: The permanent bridge is steadily installed on top of the cheapest dental implants(these are so called as they are a single entity thereby reducing the manufacturing cost).The dental implants will improve the stability and withhold the permanent set of teeth in position with a life time warranty.


All on 4 dental implants, This concept augments the use of available bone. Four, Two piece Implants are placed in the upper arch to provide immediate loading of the prosthesis,Two implants are placed in the anterior segment of the upper jaw and two are placed at an angulation of 30 to 45 degrees to the bite plane,in the distal segment,to increase the implant to bone contact and thereby anchorage.These are placed  anterior to the maxillary sinus to avoid, anatomical structures and to evade “bone grafting dental” and sinus lift complications.The four Implants work together as a unit to support the upper denture.The chief advantages of this procedure being immediate implant placement, permanent teeth in 3 days and affordable permanent dentures cost, because of the less number of implants used.


The cost of the procedure depends on:

  1.  Type of the implants used-.It can be a single piece or a two piece implant system.
  2. Number of implants placed- it can be All on four dental implants orAll on 6 dental implants(two piece), In basal implants, 8 or 10 implants can be placed based on the bone quality and the preferred prosthesis as zirconia needs more number of implants.
  3. Geographical location-Location plays a very important role as the cost of living varies from place to place,people from developed countries like USA,Canada and other European countries are contemplating Dental tourism where they can combine pleasure and dental remedy at very reasonable prices at a single go.
  4. Expertise of the surgeon.

Treatment cost varies from person to person as,  every individuals case will be different and treatment has to be customised according to the bony status and requirement of the patient.

At LBR dental and implant center,we decide the type of implants used depending upon the bone state, the choice of the prosthesis and the financial aspect of the patient. we emphasize on quality and excellence in services by a team of well-experienced and qualified dental surgeons at affordable rates. We offer services for the full arch upper jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge with immediate loading technique in the shortest span of three days.To know more about full arch upper teeth replacement and treatment cost, book an appointment now.