Full Mouth Dental Implants in India

At LBR dental and implant center Hyderabad, India we provide full mouth dental implant solution to replace missing teeth or failing teeth in three days on Immediate Loading Basal Implants, which provide the desired stability and a natural look. 

Who are eligible for undergoing full mouth dental Implants?

Full Mouth Dental Implants are recommended for those who have either missing teeth in the upper and lower jaws or the people suffering from very loose teeth or those vexed up with uncomfortable removable dentures. At LBR dental and implant center, our dentist checks the condition of the jaws using 3D imaging technique to analyse the bone condition and provides missing teeth treatment in India. the jaw bone. Basal implants are suitable even in patients with severly atrophied maxilla and mandible, in other words every person intending to undergo this procedure is a suitable candidate irrespective of his bone condition and general health.

Full mouth dental implants are particularly useful for those:

  1. Have lost most number of teeth
  2. Not willing to use dentures
  3. Starting to lose teeth due to age

Full mouth dental implant procedure

Before the procedure, the dentist perform 3D imaging to understand the situation better that aids in locating the exact position for implant placement. The dentist initiates the process by administering a local anesthetic.

The dentist removes hopeless teeth if any, curretages the extration socket to remove the remnant infection and places around 8 to 10 implants in the upper and 6 to 8 implants in the lower, depending on the bone requirement and also the kind of prosthesis required, Zirconia requires more number of implants as, long span bridges are not recomended in this type of prosthesis. Impressions are made and provisionals fixed on the same day. The fixed permanent teeth are cemented on the third day.

Before Full Mouth Dental implants

 before full mouth dental implants india, hyderabad

before full mouth dental implant hyderabad, India 

After Full Mouth Dental implants

after full mouth dental implant hyderabad, india

 after full mouth dental implants hyderabad,india

Full mouth dental implants have several advantages some of them are listed below: 

  1. Natural look: the full mouth dental implants are crafted to go with the facial structure and fits accurately to your gum, look and function like natural teeth. The final prosthesis is produced from our hi-tech laboratory based on client requirement ensuring the quality and size specification to be accurate and fit to the gum.
  2. Steadiness: in full mouth dental implants, the implants are fixed permanently to the jaw bones to ensure that there are no chances of loosening.
  3. Oral strength: full mouth dental implants ensure that they prevent any occurrences of jawbone atrophy or cause damage or loss of jaw bone tissues.
  4. Sturdiness: full mouth dental implant treatment at LBR Dental and Implant Center, emphasize on quality and ensures life-long validity to the implants. There is no requirement for adjustment to the restoration as they are crafted to suit the patient requirement.

At LBR dental and implant center hyderabad, india we deem that everybody deserves a healthy oral cavity which is considered to be the gateway to a persons overall health. To know your chances for full mouth dental implant in india at affordable full teeth Implants Cost, book an appointment now