Immediate Loading Basal Implants

LBR dental and implant center, offers  excellent solution for people suffering with missing teeth, that allow the loading of the implant in patient right after the tooth extraction process, thereby minimizing the amount of bone loss and reduction in the gum line. Placing an implant right after the extraction of the tooth is referred to as immediate loading. A basal implant is recommended for patients who have lost their teeth over a long period of time or with patients who suffer from chronic conditions of diabetes or even severe smokers. LBR dental and implant center follows advanced technology with most modern laboratory facilities and a team of proficient Dentists, having years of experience, have standard treatment protocols to perform immediate loading basal implants.

Procedure of Immediate Loading Basal implants

Immediate loading basal implant is a minimally invasive Implant procedure and is performed under local anesthesia . During the procedure, the dentist creates a slot in the jawbone by using special drills designed for the purpose. The dentist drills a hole in the bone and places the implant in the hardest  part of the bone, the basal bone. The number of implants placed depends on the requirement  of the jaw. The stability rate depends on number of implants placed per jaw,usually around 8 implants are placed in the upper and 6 in the lower jaw. After the placement of implants, an impression is made and the final fixation of the teeth  is completed on the third  day after the surgery.

before immediate loading basal implantsbefore immediate loading basal implants
after immediate loading basal implantsafter immediate loading basal implants

Who are suitable for immediate loading basal implants?

  • Immediate solution for lost tooth/teeth.
  • Rehabilitation of complete jaw.
  • Severe smokers or diabetic patients.
  • Suffering from other chronic diseases.

Advantages of immediate loading basal implants

The main advantage of immediate loading basal implants is the time factor. This procedure can be performed right after the extraction of tooth thereby reducing the time consumed and number of  visits as, basal implants immediately after placement gets anchored to the jaw bone thereby facilitating immediate loading of the prosthesis. The traditional method of fixation requires 6 months or more for the placement of implants and loading of teeth. Immediate loading basal implants reduces this time span considerably and can be completed in 3 days . This method is a high merit to patients with diabetes or other severe medical conditions as conventional implants are contraindicated  in them and it also  eliminates the requirement of bone augmentation or Sinus Lifting. This method also eliminates the requirement of a second surgery to fix the abutment over the implant. Other advantages of immediate loading basal implants include:

  • Fast, safe and reliable method of implant procedure.
  • Avoid the requirement of Bone Grafting or sinus lifting.
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Less risky with minimum failures
  • Patients with adverse bone condition.

LBR Dental and implant center, Hyderabad is one of the leading Dental Implant centers and performs immediate loading basal implants at affordable rates by a team of well-experienced and qualified  dental surgeons. To know more about immediate loading basal implants and treatment cost, book an appointment now