Single piece implant placement is a procedure performed for Missing Tooth Replacement with a component that looks and functions like natural teeth. This procedure replaces the root and tooth of the missing teeth with a single piece implant. The single piece implants are manufactured with a fused abutment and implant body. Single piece implants are an effective solution and tooth replacement option to people who have lost teeth or missing tooth due to accidents, natural tooth loss or affected with severe dental problems.

Single Piece Implant in India

The Dental Implants are made of high-grade medically approved titanium that bond together with the jaw bone thereby increasing the strength and life of the single piece implant. Single piece implants can be performed in very less time compared to the conventional method. The Crown can be placed  immediately after the single piece implantation. The single piece implants are available in different sizes and shapes that suit various jaw bone measurements and types. This eliminates the requirement of Bone Grafting or raising the sinus floor for the placement of single piece dental implants. LBR Dental and implant center, India is one of the leading dental implant clinics and performs single piece dental implants by a team of experienced dental surgeons at low cost.

Single piece implant procedure

 Single piece implant technique is a quick and simple missing tooth replacement procedure that can be completed in a single sitting. The dental surgeon initiates the procedure by performing extraction of the damaged tooth remains from the cavity. The dentist analyzes  the jawbone condition and chooses  the exact size of single piece implant  that fixes properly into the cavity. The single piece implant is placed on the spot in the desired angulation, and  crown is cemented  on top of the implant within the next two days,  that  resembles  a natural tooth. After the completion of single piece implant procedure no follow ups are required except for routine cleaning regime which, one with natural teeth follows to avoid any  plaque formation .


Missing Tooth Replacement in Hyderbad


Advantages of a single piece implant 

  • The main advantage of the single piece dental implant is that it mimics the appearance of a natural tooth and is not recognized as a foreign object.
  • The dental implants function as a normal tooth and do not affect the neighbouring teeth. 
  • In this procedure, the root and the crown are replaced using artificial components and the bone is preserved and remains healthy and intact. 
  • A single piece dental implant is beneficial as they are easy to clean and do not degrade over a long period of time.
  • Single piece dental implants do not require special care and can be cleaned and maintained by regular brushing and flossing of teeth.
  • This method eliminates the use of any screw or joints as they come  as a single structure, thereby eliminating the risks of screw loosening or repair.

At  LBR Dental and implant center, Hyderabad the single piece implant procedure is cheap and affordable, and patients can be trouble free from regular maintenance. To know more about Single Tooth Implant Cost and treatment, book an appointment now.