LBR International Dental Center provides a complete array of comprehensive dental & oral care under one roof to fulfill, the varied requirements of our patients. Our center provides full mouth rehabilitation services with international standards and Dental FacilitiesAny international patient would feel unfamiliar on the foreign land due to the socio-cultural variations, language, etc which often discourages them from traveling abroad, However at LBR, India our team provides empathetic tailored service with holistic care to deal with your every need, at every stretch from Airport to our destination and vice-versa. Once you land at International Airport we tend to pay attention to all of your needs as per your requirements. We make sure that you have a pleasant experience during the dental treatment and services which makes your stay a memorable one and you return back in good health.

International dental center in india

The following reasons make LBR, the platform for satisfied International Patients :

  • Our international standards of hygiene and sterilization protocols  are unparalleled and uncompromised, we provide affordable quality world-class treatment.
  • Our highly experienced and dedicated, friendly team of expert Dentists attract patients from all over the globe to us. Our doctors at LBR integrate evidence-based, internationally bench marked practices with leading-edge technology and have affiliations with international associations and organizations.
  • We have a separate desk to serve international patients explaining the policies and helping you at every point, right from managing your tickets and of course coordinating with treatment process. Our International Patients Coordinator will assist right from landing at International Airport, Hotel accommodation to travel itinerary, etc.
  • Mode of Payment is through all universally accepted major Credit Cards & Debit cards
  • We will also provide, on demand, apart from dental treatment, a provision to go around the historic places present, for which Hyderabad is famous for and also other sight seeing places to spend your leisure time and also relax your mind as we realize that seeking dental treatment away from your country will be emotionally & physically taxing.


It will be convenient for us if international patients can provide us the medical history along with OPG-DENTAL XRAY (orthopantomogram) or dental scan with the pictures of your intra oral condition. Dental CBCT scan can be taken at our center. For better understanding of the treatment plan, you can use live channel, video call or Whats app with our doctors with no obligation. Also, you can go through testimonials of satisfied International patients for an unbiased opinion about treatment at LBR dental implant center, India.

Most of our International Patients have returned to their hometown happily with robust teeth and are still today referring us their friends and colleagues. Overall LBR is a full mouth rehabilitation center with world-class experience and beautiful ambience offering quality Dental Care at affordable prices.