LBR dental and implant center provides comprehensive dental care treatment with high standards of services for people with various dental needs with Best Dental Facilities in India.
Our facilities are outfitted with latest accessible technology in dental care with highest standards of sterilization which ensures finest quality, cost effective dental services and high quality dentistry.

Best dental facilities in india

Our dental facilities consist of :


Orthopantomogram is a dental x-ray for diagnosing complete mouth radiography to examine the upper and lower jaw arch and the joint between the jaw bone and the skull. OPG X-ray is recommended to diagnose dental caries, teeth aligment, angulations, any anomalies associated jaw bones.

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RVG X ray

RVG is x-ray method used to a obtain digital image of the tooth. The digital image allows accurate diagnosis of various issues related to the gums and teeth.

RVG X ray

Diode laser

Diode lasers are used in soft tissue surgery and are the newest advancement in laser technology and dentistry. Diode lasers emit laser beams of 980nm wavelength and absorb highly pigmented tissues in the targeted area. They are applied in a various process including incision, vaporization, blood coagulation and hemostasis and can be performed with no pain, swelling and are minimal invasive.

dental diode laser

X SMART Rotary endodontic

X SMART Rotary is a simple, lightweight compact device used to perform various endodontic procedures. The device is connected to a monitor that enables the dental surgeon to monitor the procedures and to perform procedures with precision and accuracy.

X SMART Rotary

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera is a small device that is used to understand the teeth health condition at magnified levels. The device enables to view all phases of the teeth and mouth with implausible details, detection of cracked teeth, plaque dumps, formations of cavities near to fillings and undue wear. The device helps to diagnose oral problems before onset.

Intraoral camera

Light Cure

A Light Cure is used in dentistry to cure composite resins used in filling the gaps between the teeth. The curing light hardens the fillings in an instant.This equipment is used for smile makeover with instant results.

Light Cure

Infection control sterilization system- Autoclave

An autoclave is steam sterilizers used to sterile all surgical tools before each use. The device uses pressure and steam to attain and maintain a temperature that is very high for any microorganisms or their spores to survive. This ensures that all micro organisms and their spores are eradicated from the tools and instruments.

dental autoclave sterilization

Smile analysis

Smile Design is a process performed to fill in the gaps by missing teeth, improve the aesthetic appearance of the shape and outline of the teeth, shifting the arrangement of the teeth and improving the visual appearance of the teeth curve. The procedure also aids in removing stains or discoloration of the teeth and bring in symmetry and balance to the upper and lower arch teeth.

Zoom instant tooth whitening system

Zoom instant tooth whitening system uses a high-concentration peroxide whitening gel that produces instant permanent results.

Pentamix for the perfect replica of your jaws

The pentamix impression material allows creating finely detailed impressions and flawlessly fitting restorations with precise and void-free impressions which help in obtaining prosthetics with perfection.


In-house dental laboratory

In-house dental laboratory is where we craft the Crowns as per the patient requirement. Our Designs laboratory, we chose the finest materials available, alongside sophisticated equipment to craft Implant crowns for each individual patient.

Dedicated surgical room for implant surgeries

We provide dedicated surgical room for implant surgeries that allow our surgeons and technicians to work as a team and to provide the best solution to all the dental problems and results in exactitude work of incomparable quality.Our organization systems help us achieve our quality goals and offer dental care treatment and services with safety and precision.