Gone are the days when an edentulous person had to wait for days together, undergo inconvenient procedures, to get fixed teeth on implants. With a substantial advancement taking place in dentistry, one can acquire their attractive smile back, which is absolutely a treatment away, thanks to the immediate implant placement procedure.

 Dental implants have transformed lives of many people but, conventional concept of implantation is very time taking, causing a lot of unease to remain without teeth during the lengthy course of the treatment. This is when Same day implants have been introduced where, the implants are loaded immediately with the required prosthesis to regain their chewing capacity, permanent teeth in 3 days.

Same day implants or immediate implant placement procedure helps a person to go back to his regular activities sooner, and is the fastest technique to restore the confidence back. Same day implants procedure is possible as it avoids sinus lift complications and other time taking corrective procedures and utilizes the available bone in the best possible way.

Depending on the quality and quantity of bone present this procedure can be accomplished using,

1) Basal Implants – These are Affordable dental implants, which can be placed immediately after extraction to provide, a fixed permanent prosthesis without undergoing any regenerative procedures like “bone grafting dental” and, can be considered as an sinus lift alternative, as these implants avoid sinus lift procedure, and also provide “DENTAL IMPLANTS LOW COST”.

2) All On Four Dental Implants – Four, Two piece implants are placed in strategic locations in each of the upper and the lower jaws for immediate loading of a fixed denture or a bridge. These are also called as “FOUR ON ONE DENTAL IMPLANTS” as four implants are placed in each of the arches for Full mouth reconstruction.


Initial evaluation of the oral cavity and diagnostic procedures like x-rays and C.T scan, help analyse the bony status of the jaws properly and to chalk out a treatment plan. On the day of the procedure extraction of the teeth if any and immediate implant placement, will be done under local anesthesia and impressions of the jaw with the implants will be made, to fabricate a fixed permanent prosthesis, which will be fixed on the implants to provide a secure and durable teeth for a life time.

 We at L.B.R Dental and Implant Center provide, this highly successful Same day implants procedure with a life time warranty, as the specialists at our center have been doing this procedure since 16 years and have placed more than 10,000 implants with a very good success rate, Our doctors have gained expertise in this concept and, not every dentist can perform this as this procedure requires a lot of competence and command on the subject, So it is very pivotal to find an experienced dentist who is skillful and has the perfect knowledge of the bone and the surrounding anatomy to perform, immediate implant placement. This procedure is applicable for partial and complete replacement of teeth and, is the first rate treatment option as, it smoothens the treatment, conserves time and enhances the quality of final results which are drafted for a life span.