Best Dental Implant Clinic / Dental Treatment Center

LBR Dental and Implant center, Hyderabad offers unparalleled and unique quality dental treatments, we are devoted to impart superior quality of services at affordable cost without compromising on ability, experience and technology. Best Dental Implant Clinic in India have a sole purpose to substantiate complete patient care and satisfaction. Ever since our instigation back in 2001, we helped patients accomplish the smile and confidence with a personal and a friendly approach.

best dental clinic in india, hyderabad


We pride ourselves on having a committed and a amicable team under the leadership of Dr.K.A.Reddy who has undergone highest standards of training in multiple implant systems around the world, his core focus being the Immediate loading basal implants. He is highly skilled and experienced to tackle any kind of dental problem and provide best care possible. The dentists and hygienists at LBR dental treatment center are elected on the breadth of qualifications, knowledge, and experience. We have an inclination to continually improve and focus on the best quality and to confirm that all of our individual patients take contentment in having healthy gums, fresh breath and assured smile.

The main reasons that make our dental clinic unique from others are :

  • Permanent teeth in three days.
  • No additional healing months.
  • From No teeth to hearty smile in three days with quality Dental Care.
  • Lifetime guarantee on IHDE and TRATE Dental implants.
  • Minimally Invasive flap-less implant treatment.
  • No Sinus Lifts, No Bone Grafts. We use patients own Basal bone.
  • BOI Implants & Nerve Bypass in atrophied sub maxilla, No nerve re-positioning.
  • Revolutionizing Single piece immediate purposeful loading of implants.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation in five days.
  • Smile planning.
  • Self-adjustable braces, clear aligners​ (clear path aligners).
  • Trendy dental clinic with complete state of the art instrumentation.
  • Highest standards of sterilization.
  • Cost-Efficient-We tend to stick with the quotation, no hidden prices.
  • Save to five hundredths on your implant value.
  • We tend to believe in Innovation, Research from general medical specialty to advanced restorative medical specialty.
  • Utmost Patient Care
  • Patients are treated as individuals and not in numbers.

At LBR Dental & Implant Center, Telangana you aren’t simply a patient. We tend to take interest in you and your oral health issues. We offer services to provide a large variety of dental treatments that cater your individual desires and grant you the hearty smile you deserve. Most of our patients approach our dental clinic through the recommendation of our existing happy and satisfied patients. LBR Dental & Implant Center is known for its honesty, integrity, and compassion as its core values.

We strive to form an exceptional team to create an exceptional dental practice. At our dental treatment center we offer comprehensive care with a high level of client service in a very technically advanced and friendly environment.